Parts for the Fisher & Paykel FlexiFit 407 CPAP Mask with Headgear

SKU: 400HC502
F&P 407 Mask frame and cushion. Mask Kits include the mask frame and mask cushion only. The kits, by default, do not include the mask headgear.

Price: $84.00

SKU: 400HC501
This replacement cushion is designed for the Fisher & Paykel FlexiFit 407 Nasal CPAP Mask. This cushion includes both foam and silicone components.

Price: $29.00

SKU: 900HC118
The unique Glider Strap made by Fisher & Paykel creates stability while offering freedom of movement. It connects the headgear to the mask and also moves without pulling.

Price: $7.95

SKU: 185046341
Handy storage and tote bag to carry your CPAP mask and accessories wherever you go!

Price: $9.50

SKU: 400HC002
This is only the replacement foam seal for the Fisher & Paykel HC407 mask. The silicone seal is not included.

Price: $17.00

SKU: 400HC301
This is the replacement headgear for the Fisher & Paykel FlexiFit 407 Nasal CPAP Mask.

Price: $31.00

Customize your Fisher & Paykel CPAP Mask with these headgear options. The standard medium headgear is available in four colors.

Price: $31.00

SKU: 900HC423
This is the replacement Forehead Pads for all Fisher & Paykel CPAP masks.

Price: $8.50
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