Parts for the ResMed S8 Series CPAP Machines

SKU: 26958
This is the washable replacement water tub (chamber) for the ResMed H4i humidifier. This chamber is dishwasher safe and can be opened for cleaning.

Price: $43.00

SKU: 26953
This is a replacement top cover for the H4i Heated Humidifier from ResMed.

Price: $14.00

SKU: 26952
This is the replacement H4i Heated Humidifier Water Chamber, which must be washed by hand. The standard H4i Chamber is not dishwasher safe.

Price: $29.00

SKU: 26959
This H4i water chamber upgrade kit is manufactured by ResMed to work with both the older H3i heated humidifier and the new and improved H4i heated humidifier.

Price: $36.00

SKU: CF2105
These filters were designed for the Resmed S8 Series CPAP machine, including the S8 Escape, Elite, and Autoset Vantage CPAP machines.

Price: $7.00

SKU: 70199
This product will adapt your DC power cord to allow for a direct connection from your ResMed S8/S9 CPAP machine to a 12-volt, 100AH, deep cycle marine battery.

Price: $18.00

SKU: 33938
Replacement Power Cord for ResMed S8 and S9 series machines. The cord is 6 feet long and has been changed to BLACK.

Price: $12.00

SKU: 1005894B
This universal replacement 7ft. power cord is suitable for many CPAP/BiPAP machine types and brands.

Price: $13.00

Save up to 20% with this Revitalize Bundle for ResMed S8 Machines.

Price: $22.00
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