Fisher & Paykel CPAP Masks

Known for their comfortable fits and lightweight use, Fisher & Paykel CPAP masks are some of the most popular masks on the market. Simple designs, comfortable fits, and easy use are some of their highest priorities. If you have any questions, we may be able to help. Reach out any time. A prescription is required for purchases.

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Overview of Fisher & Paykel

Fisher & Paykel manufactures some of the best fitting, most comfortable CPAP masks on the market. Their constant innovations in CPAP masks and their commitment to comfort and reliability have earned them not just national recognition but dedicated customers. Their intuitive designs are lightweight and simple to use. Fisher & Paykel is dedicated to patient comfort, optimal mask seal, and ease of use. A quick overview of their most popular products will help you discover which F&P mask would be a good fit for you.

Types of Fisher & Paykel CPAP Masks

  • Nasal CPAP Mask - F&P Eson 2

    The Eson 2 is an excellent example of a F&P nasal CPAP mask. The RollFit seal is designed for a perfect fit, minimizing leakage. The Intuitive Headgear is simple and can be adjusted to stretch directly over the patient’s head. VisiBlue highlights give visual clues to patients, helping with patient education, disassembly, and reassembly. Designed for ease, comfort, and great performance, the Eson 2 is a great choice when considering a nasal CPAP mask.

  • Pillow CPAP Masks - F&P Brevida

    If you’re looking for a comfortable, lightweight nasal pillow CPAP Mask, the award-winning Brevida is an excellent choice. The Brevida is the culmination of intensive patient research and innovative ideas. It’s an extremely low-profile CPAP mask with intuitive features that set it apart from the competition. The AirPillow inflates with air to gently fit the patient’s nose precisely, giving a perfect seal every time. Included with the mask are several different pillows to meet every face shape. The single-strap headgear is easily adjusted and designed to stay put for the entire night. And, the color coded pieces are designed for easy removal and reassembly for cleaning and care of the mask. Overall, the F&P Brevida ranks highly for ease of use, comfort, secure fit, and an overall great night’s sleep.

  • Full Face CPAP Masks - F&P Simplus

    The Simplus was designed with three main goals: comfort, seal, and ease of use. It’s also made of 3 main parts: the RollFit seal, ErgoForm headgear, and the Easy Frame. Each component is designed for simplicity and comfort. With patient, provider, and clinician input, and thousands of hours of research and development, the Simplus meets every standard of comfort, airtight seal, and ease. The RollFit seal provides patients with a comfortable and secure fit. And, the ErgoForm headgear is simple to use and snug. The frame itself is designed for trouble-free disassembly and reassembly. All of the research and innovation paid off in this easy to use, comfortable, well fitting full face mask.

Is Fisher & Paykel a Good Brand?

Fisher & Paykel is committed to helping people who suffer from sleep apnea. F&P has a long history of patient driven research and design, reliable products, and commitment to excellence over time. In the CPAP equipment industry, Fisher & Paykel is a name you can trust.

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