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Auto CPAP Machines can regulate the delivered pressure as needed throughout the night. All have advanced features such as Mask Off Alert and Leak Compensation. Narrow your search on the left to find the perfect APAP for your needs. Need help? Click the button to the right to talk with a product expert right now!

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Why Should I Choose an APAP Machine?

APAP, also called AutoPap, machines are the automated version of a CPAP Machine.

The APAP (Automatic Positive Airway Pressure) machine helps those who suffer from sleep apnea maintain an unobstructed airway by delivering pressurized air to the patient. Unlike CPAP machines, which only give a static pressure level, an APAP machine tracks the needs of the patient and delivers varying pressure in real time. This means that when you’re sleeping on your side, the pressure is lower, because less pressure is required. Or, when you’re in REM sleep, the pressure is highest, because that is when the most pressure is needed. APAP machines sense when you inhale and exhale, and reduce pressure during exhalation, so you aren’t exhaling “against the flow.” Auto CPAP machines also have features such as mask off alert, daily data recording, and leak compensation.

Which APAP Machine Should I Choose?

Here are some details about some popular APAP machines. Visit each product page for a more detailed description.

ResMed AirSense 10

The AirSense 10 is a smart, comfort-based, intuitive APAP machine. The AirSense 10 has built-in cellular technology, allowing your doctor to communicate remotely with your machine, tracking your progress, and making adjustments. All of your nightly data is also accessible to you, allowing you to make informed decisions about your therapy. The AirSense adjusts pressure as needed in real time, so when you need more or less pressure, the AirSense senses your need and delivers the right amount. It also has EPR (expiratory pressure relief), meaning that the AirSense reduces pressure as you exhale, helping you breathe easier. Finally, the AirSense’s control screen is intuitive and easy to navigate. So, you can adjust your therapy with ease.

Philips Respironics DreamStation

The DreamStation may be a small-sized machine, but it’s big on features. You will be wowed by the comfort, personal education, and reliability of this APAP machine. The DreamStation offers Flex Comfort, mirroring your body’s actual breathing, responding to your needs on a breath by breath basis. This extreme level of comfort assures that you will remain compliant with your therapy and benefit from better sleep every day. OptiStart bases your beginning therapy on the previous night’s auto-titration, so you can start off your evening therapy right. The DreamMapper is an app that allows you to see and interact with your therapy right from your device. And, the DreamStation offers a built-in Performance Check feature that self-monitors functionality and keeps your machine in great working order.

DeVilbiss IntelliPAP Auto Adjust

The IntelliPAP AutoAdjust APAP Machine is a great choice for comfort, patient education, and remote tracking. The IntelliPAP AutoAdjust feature automatically adjusts pressure settings based on apnea events, mask conditions, and even detects snoring. The SmartFlex technology tracks every breath and adjusts based on inhalation and exhalation, giving patients the maximum level of comfort and pressure for every breath. The IntelliPAP machine gives you daily therapy updates, and the SmartCode technology can “talk” to your doctors and give them up-to-date, remote tracking of your therapy. So, if you need adjustments, you can just give your doctor the code on your machine to access it remotely. The IntelliPAP comes with a 5-year warranty. And, it’s a great budget option, making it an intelligent choice for your therapy and your wallet.

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