Hybrid CPAP Masks

CPAP Hybrid masks have commonalities with full face CPAP masks, but instead of covering the nose and mouth, they combine both the nasal pillows, which create a seal around the nose, and oral cushion, which creates a good seal around the mouth. Hybrid masks are popular with CPAP users who require glasses or want to read or watch TV and generally don't want to restrict their field of vision while wearing their CPAP mask.

For example, the ResMed AirFit 30 is a small style of a mask kit. It’s designed to seal securely at the bottom of the nose to prevent red marks and pressure points on the bridge of the nose. It has minimal contact with the patient’s face and is one size fits all. Magnetic clips on it provide an easy off and on feature with a quick release elbow that allows patients to easily disconnect and reconnect from their CPAP machine at night if they need to get up.

Many patients like hybrid masks because they have the functionality of a full-face mask without the bulkiness of one. Hybrid CPAP masks also reduce the feeling of claustrophobia caused by other mask frames.

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