Nasal Interface Masks

Nasal Interface Masks, or CPAP pillow masks, incorporate pillows or inserts that directly deliver pressure to your nostrils without covering the entire nose. This mask type is very popular for side sleepers, readers, or television watchers. Narrow your search to the left to find the perfect nasal interface mask for you. Need help? Click the live chat button to the right to speak with an expert right now.

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What is Nasal Interface?

Nasal interface CPAP masks feature a small cushion that fits snugly under the nostrils without covering the entire nose. For CPAP users who breathe through their nose at night, these masks are the least intrusive option. Nasal interface masks are also called nasal pillows or CPAP pillows because of the comfortable cushion that can be made from silicone or gel.

Why Choose a Nasal CPAP Pillow?

Nasal pillows are the best choice for CPAP users who might feel claustrophobic with more of their face covered. This style of mask works well for side sleepers, and those who watch television or read in bed. CPAP pillows are the most comfortable type of mask and are compatible with low pressures. These lightweight options are available in several sizes and styles, allowing you to choose one that best suits your needs.

Nasal Pillow vs Nasal Mask

A nasal mask is different from a nasal pillow because nasal masks cover the entire nose, from the bridge to below the nostrils. Nasal pillows deliver CPAP directly into the nostrils and can require less obtrusive headgear to wear. Nasal pillows are also sometimes referred to as nasal interface masks.

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