CPAP Mask Liners

CPAP therapy can cause discomfort throughout the night. CPAP mask liners help alleviate this discomfort. The face mask liners that we offer are made up of 100% cotton, which are a naturally absorbent fiber. This allows the CPAP liner to absorb your facial oil and moisture during the night, helping keep your CPAP mask cleaner.

The liner is placed between your CPAP mask and your face, creating a barrier. The liner reduces skin irritation, reduce air leaks, and pressure marks left on your face because of your mask. The mask liners also help keep your mask firmly in place. The RemZzz mask liners are compatible with most ResMed, Respironics and Fisher & Paykel masks. We also have RemZzz liners for each CPAP mask style, including a full-face mask, nasal mask and nasal pillows.

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