CPAP Chinstraps

Here you can browse our selection of headgear chin straps for your CPAP machine and chin strap supplies. With multiple different designs, rest assured that you can find a comfortable and secure headgear chinstrap to keep your jaw closed all night for a peaceful night’s sleep to help treat sleep apnea.

Chinstraps are useful for CPAP users who are natural mouth breathers during sleep. The chinstraps keep the mouth closed, preventing dry mouth symptoms in the morning and CPAP air pressure loss throughout the night. If you breath through your mouth while asleep during sleep apnea therapy, the air cannot make it through your airways at the right pressure needed.

Your CPAP chinstrap should be tight enough to keep your mouth closed during sleep but loose enough that you can open your mouth to talk while you are awake. In other words, it’s okay if you are able to open your mouth.

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