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Power Adapters for your CPAP machine are one of the simple necessities. Without a power adapter, your CPAP machine won’t work. Each CPAP brand offers its own power adapter and power cords for its specific machines. Here, at CPAP People, we offer 7ft. long cords and 6ft. long cords. We offer 80W power adapters from ResMed and Respironics and DreamStation. We offer AC power cords and DC power cords. We also carry travel adapters for when you are in an airport or in another country that does not use the same outlets as the United States. It is important to us that you have all the tools to make your life, travel and CPAP usage as easy and natural as possible.

The ResMed S9 DC Converter Travel Adapter is one of the many power adapters you can choose from. It uses DC power from any accessory port, whether it is in a car, boat or battery. You can use this travel adapter with your ResMed CPAP humidifier. This is the only power converter that ResMed has that supports this option. The ResMed travel adapter also has an alligator clip to attach for direct connection to a battery.

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