Tubing Replacements

When looking for tubing replacement for your CPAP machine, you should consider the length you want, the hose diameter you want and the diameter of the ends of the tubing that would fit your machine. Most tubing is 6 feet long, like the AG Industries Standard CPAP Tubing, but there are some tubing replacements that are shorter or longer, like the 2 foot long AG Industries Standard CPAP Tubing. This means that you need to consider where your CPAP machine is used most often. How close is your bed to the wall? Do you need a longer tube or is a shorter one more ideal?

The diameter of your tubing is also important as it affects your pressure setting. If you find a tubing replacement for your machine that is a different diameter than your current tubing, you must change this information in the settings of your CPAP machine.

You should also consider whether the tubing connector fits your CPAP machine, although most machines fit connectors anywhere from 15 mm to 19 mm to 22 mm.

Tubing for your CPAP machine should be replaced every 6 months, or sooner if you notice stiffness, cracking, whistling, or air leaks. Tubing can be a breeding ground for bacterial growth. Wash your tubing every day or two and replace every six months.

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