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Popular Respironic Products

Respironics is a trusted leader in sleep apnea solutions. Their innovative products are designed with the consumer in mind, which is why so many people trust their good night’s sleep to Respironics. Here are a couple of their most popular products:

DreamStation Auto CPAP

Knowledge is power - The DreamStation CPAP machine allows you to take charge of your therapy by helping you understand your own sleep patterns. With built in Bluetooth, the DreamStation allows users to connect to the DreamMapper app. DreamMapper lets you see your daily progress, giving you the knowledge you need to understand your therapy. DreamMapper also has goal-setting tools and ongoing feedback to motivate and encourage you as your therapy progresses.

Ease of use - Every component of the DreamStation is designed for your ease. This lightweight, low-profile machine is compact, making it convenient at home and perfect for travel. The one-piece humidifier water chamber is easy to remove and clean. The intuitive menus and displays are simple to navigate and easy to read. And, each morning your DreamStation creates a progress summary that gives you quick insight into how you’re doing.

Respironics Amara Full Face Mask

While Respironics offers a wide range of masks for every type of sleeper, the Amara Full Face Mask remains a popular choice for many.

This mask is a lighter, smaller full face mask. With 60% less parts than other full face masks and a “one click” design, cleaning the Amara is a cinch. And unlike other masks, the Amara gives you the choice of both gel and silicone cushions depending on user preference.

Respironics Products vs. Fisher&Paykel Products

Should you buy a Respironics product, or choose a Fisher&Paykel product? Here is just a quick primer to help you make a smart choice that’s right for you.

Costs - Often times the number one consideration when purchasing medical devices is the actual cost of the product. If cost is the highest concern, then a Fisher&Paykel product will certainly cost you less. If you’re looking for a reliable basic option, Fisher&Paykel is a great company that offers good products. However, if you have a little more to spend, Respironics consistently offers products with intuitive, cutting-edge features that are just lacking elsewhere.

Benefits - Respironics is committed to patient involved therapy. Respironics provides ways for you to understand your treatment through data reporting, apps, and summaries of your therapy. Informed patients can better engage with their therapy and work towards continued progress.

Benefits of Buying from The CPAP People

We are committed to helping people find sleep apnea solutions during every step of the process. Whether you’ve just been diagnosed or have been at this for years, our clinical expertise and product knowledge is available to you. We’re committed to patient education and awareness and would love to help you better understand your sleep apnea and find the right products to fit your individual needs.

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