Fisher & Paykel Simplus™ Full Face CPAP Mask & Headgear

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The Fisher & Paykel Simplus™ Full Face CPAP Mask is a revolutionized design that offers wearers a simple, comfortable, and as usual, lightweight alternative. The Simplus™ includes three key parts, which offer superior seal and easy use that “simply fits + performs”.

Fisher & Paykel Keeps it Simple, Effective and Comfortable

The lower profile Easy Frame on the Simplus™ is one of the key components. It is stable and small, but don’t let its size fool you. It is extremely durable. And, even better, it is one size, so all cushion sizes fit on the frame, which includes the Easy-Clip Frame Attachment. This feature allows the wearer to easily snap the cushion back into place on the frame. Fisher & Paykel also incorporated the Ball-and-Socket Elbow on the Easy Frame for an easy rotation that reduces drag on the CPAP tubing and offers greater freedom of movement.

The F&P Simplus™ also includes the one-piece RollFit Seal (cushion) that adds Integrated Stability Panels on the side that aid in better sealing performance. The side Panels are thicker and give better support on the face. The RollFit Seal actually “rolls” back and forth on the bridge of the nose and adjusts automatically. It is much softer for better comfort. This specific Fisher & Paykel technology reduces pressure on the bridge, which is a common sore spot. The added Advanced Air Diffuser cuts down the draft felt by the bed partner and makes for an extremely quiet experience.

Another notable added feature of the Simplus™ is the ErgoForm Headgear. The headgear is nicely padded and actually pressed into shape. The ErgoForm Headgear is designed to self-locate higher on the rear of the head, which offers the wearer unrestricted movement. Sideways or up and down head movement will not readjust the headgear. It is extremely breatheable and since it is pressed, it holds its shape beautifully. And, its padded in all the right places incorporating Stretch and Non-stretch Panels, which holds the shape and allows stretch where it is best needed. The Velcro tabs are embedded with Easy Clip Hooks, which enables a quick fit and also quick removal. The ErgoForm Headgear is also designed with an Adjustable Crown Strap, which only enhances mask stability.

F&P engineered and designed through intensive research and consults with patients, an exceptional mask that truly “simply fits + performs”.

Product Features

• Simple design with only three key components

• One of the lightest full face CPAP masks currently on the market

• Easy Frame allows interchangeable cushion sizes, is stable and small

• Ball-And-Socket Elbow rotates for freedom and reduces drag from the tubing

• RollFit Seal/Cushion that adjusts automatically on the bridge of the nose and reduces pressure

• Advanced Air Diffuser for a quiet experience and greatly reduces drafts felt by bed partner

• Enhanced sealing performance through Integrated Stability Panels in the seal/cushion

• ErgoFit Headgear is pressed and padded for optimal comfort and stretches in all the right places and retains its shape

• Easy-Clip Hooks allows quick fitting and removal

• Easy disassembly for easy and quick cleaning

The F&P Simplus™ Full Face CPAP Mask & Headgear is available in three different sizes:

Small – 400475
Medium – 400476
Large – 400477
he Fisher & Paykel Simplus™ Full Face CPAP Mask is a revolutionized design that offers wearers a simple, comfortable, and as usual, lightweight alternative.

Small – 400475
Medium – 400476
Large – 400477
Prescription Required: Yes
Ideal For: All Patients
Multiple Sizes Included: No
Item Condition: New
Headgear Included: Yes
HCPCS Code: A7030 Mask Assembly, A7035 Headgear
Cushion Material: Silicone

File DownloadsSimplus Spec Sheet.pdf

Manufacturer Info
Name: Fisher & Paykel Healthcare
Telephone: 800-446-3908
Address: 15365 Barranca Parkway
Irvine  CA, 92618

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Customer Reviews of the Fisher & Paykel Simplus™ Full Face CPAP Mask & Headgear

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  • Fisher & Paykel Simplus™ Full Face CPAP Mask & Headgear

    Been using this for about a year and a half now. Doesn't make any noise and is comfortable. The headgear takes a while to dry after being washed. I am happy with this mask and headgear, would recommend.


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