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Cann-Ease is a hospital preferred nasal moisturizer for users of cannula, BIPAP, and CPAP Masks. Cann-Ease is the ORIGINAL nasal moisturizer and developed under the guidelines of the top respiratory hospital in the nation for the past 9 years. Cann-Ease is a clear, odorless, greaseless topical treatment developed specifically for dryness and friction associated with the use of oxygen by nasal cannula and CPAP/BIPAP masks. Cann-Ease is also effective for nasal irritation due to cold or allergy and for dry, cracked lips.

Benefits of Cann-Ease

  • The Original nasal moisturizing gel
  • Water based gel that does not contain oils, scents, artificial colors, petroleum based products, silicones, or emulsifiers
  • Works on contact and provides immediate relief
  • Improves patient compliance and the effectiveness of humidification devices
  • Alleviates irritation caused by friction from cannula
  • Will not sting sensitive tissue when applied
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Specifically formulated to relieve discomfort of long term oxygen therapy
  • Effective on dry nasal passages caused by low humidity, nasal drying medications, infusion therapy and allergy remedies
  • Apply to lips to prevent chapped-lips


  • Aloe Vera Gel-has a long well developed history of topical protection from dryness and irritation
  • Allantoin-increases the water binding capacity of skin, helping to protect tissue from desiccation. It also possesses the ability to deride necrotic (dead) skin and scaly tissue
  • d-Pantothenol-is a precursor to pantothenic acid, a vitamin of the B-complex group. Disturbed function of skin requires higher levels of this vitamin to resist further damage and speed natural repair of tissue.
  • Other Ingredients- are designed to buffer the pH to physiological range, stabilize ingredients, and preserve the product from bacterial contamination. Please note that the product contains no artificial colors perfumes or petroleum based ingredients and is therefore not contraindicated for use with plastics or rubber materials in nasal cannula tubing or fittings. This product is not tested on animals.

Directions For Use

Apply Cann-Ease Nasal Moisturizing Gel as needed to dry, irritated areas of the nasal passages. Apply often to keep areas moist until dryness improves. Continue use as desired to prevent further dryness from recurring.

Toxicity/Allergy Information

The ingredients in Cann-Ease Nasal Moisturizing Gel are virtually non toxic. To date there have been no reports of any unpleasant or adverse reactions. In rare instances, a patient may manifest hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients. in those cases, discontinue use and consult a physician immediately.

Using CPAP masks, cushions and headgear can cause the CPAP user to experience discomfort and skin dryness and irritation. This CPAP Moisture Therapy contributes to some relief by preventing skin dryness and irritation.
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  • Cann-Ease Nasal Moisturizing Gel

    This product does help, but I have to apply it a few times throughout the day for it do disappear.

    JOANN E.

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