ResMed AirTouch™ F20 and AirTouch™ F20 For Her Frame System with Foam Cushion - No Headgear

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This is the frame system for the ResMed AirTouch F20 Full Face Mask. This part consists of the entire frame, elbow, cushion and soft sleeves. This part does not require a prescription.

FYI--The elbow for the AirTouch F20 is not sold separately, the only way to purchase the elbow is as part of the Frame System. When replacing your mask you may want to hold on to the elbow as a back up just in case it gets misplaced.

Combine this part with the ResMed AirTouch F20 Headgear or ResMed AirTouchF20 Headgear For Her to make a complete mask. You can choose the headgear that fits best for you.

Need to know what size you use? Take a look at the front of the mask, the size will be marked below the elbow on the hard plastic. You can use any size cushion on this frame.

Available sizes:

  • 63021- Frame with Small Cushion
  • 63022- Frame with Medium Cushion
  • 63023- Frame with Large Cushion
  • 63024- Frame with Small Cushion for Her
  • 63025- Frame with Medium Cushion for Her
  • ResMed AirTouch F20™ and AirTouch F20™ For Her which consists of the entire frame, elbow, cushion and soft sleeves. No prescription required for the Frame System. Add the size headgear that works best for you.
HCPCS Code: Frame System: A7034
Item Condition: New
Item Weight: .60 lbs
Prescription Required: No
Other Info: No prescription needed.
Item Size: 63021 - Frame with Small Cushion
63022 - Frame with Medium Cushion
63023 - Frame with Large Cushion
63024 - Frame with Small Cushion for Her
63025 - Frame with Medium Cushion for Her

File DownloadsAir Touch F20 Fitting Guide.pdf

Manufacturer Info
Name: ResMed Corp
Telephone: 800-424-0737
Address: 9001 Spectrum Center Blvd.
San Diego  CA, 92123

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