Top 5 iPhone Apps for Sleep Apnea

Are you on board with the iPhone/iPad revolution? These little devices have literally changed the computing landscape just in the last 2-3 years. No other device, in history, has been adopted so quickly and with such large numbers. With thousands upon thousands of apps available at your fingertips, surely you have space to look at a few CPAP and Sleep Apnea related apps? These are some of the best we could find. If you know of others, we would love to hear about them. These are iPhone apps that are either sleep apnea news, diagnosis, or treatment based.

HME News

Description from iTunes: Now there's an app for reading all of your favorite breaking news stories and blog postings right on your phone. The HME News reader is instantly updated with news stories as soon as they're posted to the Web site. Blog posts are streamed directly to your phone, and if you want to find something in the archives, there's a direct pipe to the web site. There’s also contact information if you want to submit a story idea.

Our thoughts: HMENews is considered THE source for industry news in homecare. We blushed the first time our little website was mentioned in the print edition and we are proud to continue to be noticed. For CPAP, watch for articles by Theresa Flaherty. She's got a nice little blog that mentions CPAP and Sleep Apnea news from time to time, too. It's free!

Philips NIV Guide

Description from iTunes: Philips is pleased to offer this free and innovative application to all clinicians involved in critical care ventilation. Whether you are a veteran of noninvasive ventilation (NIV) or just beginning to use it, the interactive Philips NIV Guide is a valuable reference tool for anyone looking to build or expand their ventilation skills.

Our thoughts: Philips is a leader in the non-invasive ventilation industry, including CPAP. This app may prove to be a little technical for the normal patient, but for the professional it is priceless. Learn the best practices for NIV from interface selection to protocols and general NIV information. There is a little quiz to test your knowledge. Even for the patient, there are gems of knowledge here to help with your understanding of NIV. It's free!

ResMed Sleep Assess

Description from iTunes: Having trouble sleeping can result in more than just being drowsy during the day. Numerous studies have linked sleep apnea to many other serious health problems, including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity. Healthy sleep can be just as important as living a healthy lifestyle when you’re awake. So if you’re not getting the sleep you need, it’s important to understand what could be going on. ResMed is here to help. With ResMed’s free Sleep App, you can find out your risk for sleep apnea, record and listen to your own sleep sounds, find your nearest sleep clinic and start taking the steps toward a healthier and happier you.

Our thoughts: This is an excellent resource from ResMed. Use the questionnaire with your friends and family to promote sleep apnea awareness. Use the snore recorder to track snoring at night and have a pre-sleep test in the comfort of your home! It even has a built-in sleep lab locator. It's free!

Sleep Connect

Description from iTunes: Get connected with a large growing community of people living with sleep disorders. With Sleep Connect mobile, you can follow discussions while on the go, ask your questions and add comments to interesting posts. It's the place to discuss treatments, start conversations, and learn from others. Sleep Connect empowers people living with sleep disorders through sharing experiences and creating a community of support.

Our thoughts: Sleep Connect from Alliance Health Networks is a great resource to connect with other sleep disorder patients just like you. Enjoy dicussion groups, research, reminders, and more. The community is very active and provides a safe place to chat about your CPAP machine, mask, or even your bed partner's snoring habits. It's Free!

Sleep Aid

Description from iTunes: Sleep Aid includes samples of typical snoring and sleep apnea events. You can compare your own recording with the provided samples to determine whether there are symptoms or signs of sleep apnea. Remember, however, that only a doctor can make the diagnosis. Always consult a physician when you think you may suffer from a medical condition.

Our thoughts: Record your sleep sounds during the night and analyze them? That's sounds like something we would love! Use this app as a pre-sleep test to help you determine if a sleep test is right for you. This is a well made app and it works great. Only $2.99.

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