Bed Pillows

CPAP bed pillows are a great choice for stomach sleepers and side sleepers! Bed pillows for CPAP users have contours and cut-outs for the face mask or CPAP machine that help reduce pressure points generated by normal bed pillows on the mask and hose strain.

CPAP pillow designs offer side cutouts and specially designed shapes that help the CPAP mask user sleep with proper alignment on their side or with their head tilted to the side in a more natural sleep position with greater comfort, while staying relatively air-leak free. The pillows also have a place for the sleeper’s shoulders to fit in, maximizing comfort and alleviating head and neck pain from full face masks during CPAP therapy.

The CPAP Max 2.0 pillow keeps comfort at the forefront. It consists of two sides, one with plush fiber-fill that helps the sleeper stay cool and one with memory foam that contains better support and ventilation to allow airflow.

The pillow is made up of three removable, machine washable layers, allowing the sleeper to pick their own pillow height for better neck support. A hose tether is located at the top of the pillow. It keeps the hose mobile and out of the sleeper’s way as they move around throughout the night. The CPAP Max 2.0 pillow is compatible with any mask type.

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