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Prescription Policy

Prescription Policy

State Boards of Pharmacy and the FDA require all licensed distributors of CPAP devices to obtain prescriptions for humidifiers, all types of CPAP machines, and CPAP masks. A prescription from any point in time can be used and your prescription can be used multiple times. Once on file with us, you will not have to submit it again. You will be prompted during checkout for more information about your prescription and how you plan to provide that information to us. Machines will be set to prescribed pressures as indicated by your prescription prior to shipment.

If you need help obtaining your prescription from your Doctor, give us a call at 1-888-494-4647. We can request your information directly from your Sleep Doctor or PCP.

Quick Checklist for submitting your Prescription for CPAP therapy machines:

  • Prescriptions must be issued by a licensed physician in the United States
  • Prescriptions for CPAP masks and other CPAP supplies need only say, "CPAP supplies". CPAP Machine prescriptions have more detailed requirements. See below.
  • For machines, make sure the prescribed pressure is clearly noted on the prescription.
    • A CPAP pressure is described in centimeters of water pressure. It should be a number or range from 4 to 20 and noted with “cm/H20”.
    • BiPAP prescriptions must have 2 pressures. Both IPAP and EPAP (inspiratory and expiratory).
    • If your script does not have a pressure written, you can still purchase an Auto CPAP.
  • Prescriptions may be faxed to 1-866-293-9890, or emailed to
  • Include your order number with the prescription so that we can match it with your order as quickly and easily as possible and get your product shipped!
  • If you have any questions regarding these instructions, please give us a call at 1-888-494-4647 and we will be glad to assist you.

Replacement Parts

Don't have a prescription? Can't find a way to obtain one? Consider replacing individual parts of your mask or machine. Most masks have replaceable parts that can extend the life of the mask. In some cases, replacement parts can be purchased and assembled at home to create a complete mask. No prescription is required for replacement parts.

International Prescriptions

The Board of Pharmacy does not authorize us to dispense medical equipment from prescriptions produced outside of the United States. No offer is made on this website for international shipping or international orders. This information is applicable to ALL Internet retailers of CPAP equipment. Foreign prescriptions are not valid in the United States for CPAP equipment.

We can help you obtain your prescription!

We are to happy to help you obtain a copy of your existing prescription from your Doctor. We understand it may have been some time since you last bought a CPAP machine. If you call us at 1-888-494-4647, we will ask you for some basic information about yourself and your Doctor. We will then fax a form to your Doctor requesting your prescription and his signature.

Do you have a form I can fill out for my Doctor?

Yes. A downloadable form is available and is also an Adobe Acrobat Fill-In Form.
Click to download the PHYSICIAN ORDER FORM. We recommend Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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