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Complete Overview of CPAP Therapy by ResMed

Are you at risk for OSA? - Introduction

Learn about the warning signs of OSA. What is snoring? What happens during an apnea event? What do I do if I think I have OSA? Learn how OSA can not only affect you, but also your bed partner and your family. The effects of sleep loss on the body builds over time. Left untreated, OSA is a risk factor for heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and other ailments. The video details these conditions and how CPAP therapy can help.

Introduction to OSA - Part 1

In this introduction to OSA, you will learn what to expect from the condition and some statistics surrounding OSA. This video expertly defines OSA and then explains what can be done about it. What are the different stages of sleep? What is an arousal? It explains not only the risks of OSA, but the actual events of apnea. Doctor explanations accompany the animations.

During and After a Sleep Test - Part 2

A sleep study is a diagnostic of your sleep. Your doctor will prescribe a sleep study if he/she believes you are at risk of OSA. The video explains a polysomnogram and the steps that will be taken during a normal lab sleep study. What is titration? Will it be a one night study, or split night study? The video explains each step of the process and what to expect when you visit the lab. There is no reason to be concerned or nervous.

Welcome to CPAP Therapy - Part 3

So, you have been diagnosed. Now what? What kind of machines are available? How do they work? How do you maintain these machines? Learn what to expect your provider, and how the process works. Also, learn how to adapt to CPAP therapy and how you can ease yourself into therapy.

CPAP Device Operation - Part 4

How does this thing work? Learn all about the care, use, and maintenance of CPAP machines. From initial set up to daily use, the answers are all here. Learn how to connect power, connect a humidifier, connect your tubing and mask, and how to clean are care for the machine. What is ramp time? How do I turn the machine on and off? All the answers are here.

Understanding Humidification - Part 5

Humidification, or climate control, is a important part of your therapy. Humidification can help fight nasal congestion, dry throat, and airway irritation while using therapy. Learn about humidity levels and expectations. The ResMed humidification systems are highly advanced and this video explains how you can make your therapy more comfortable with warm and humid air.

CPAP Mask Types and Maintenance - Part 6

There are three basic CPAP mask types. This video will explain nasal masks, full face masks, and nasal interface masks. Many factors are in play when deciding on a mask to use for daily therapy. Learn how to care for your mask, clean your mask, and how to fit and adjust the headgear for optimal comfort.

Routinely Replacing Supplies - Part 7

Your CPAP mask and CPAP machine are designed to have replaceable parts. Your mask, in particular, will need new cushions and headgear over time. Facial oils and normal wear and tear will break down the mask. This video explains a normal replacement schedule and how your provider can help replace these items on a recurring basis. Even with regular cleaning, your mask and tubing will lose its effectiveness over time. Filers, cushions, water chambers, tubing, and headgear should all be replaced regularly.

Going Forward. What's Next? - Part 8

The journey is yours. Now is the time to commit yourself to therapy and to getting more from life. CPAP therapy works and millions of people go to sleep each night with their trusted mask and machine. The more your use it, the better you will feel. Welcome to your new life!
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