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What is Data Recording and Compliance?

Various machines on our website offer data recording of your nightly activity and usage parameters. Some record only usage hours, while others can be very detailed in their data recording including actually monitoring hypopneas and your sinus rhythm.

Data recording is usually performed by request of your sleep doctor or PCP. Some manufacturers offer the ability for a patient to view the data via software or a website, while others restrict the data to doctors only.

For example, most of the Respironics System One devices have data recording capabilities. The depth of recording changes depending on the model. For example, the Basic CPAP has no ability, but the Plus and Pro models have progressively more ability.

The type of data recorded, the method, and the physical media all change between manufacturers. If your doctor has requested data for compliance information, please check with us before purchase to ensure you are getting the right type.

If a CPAP or BiPAP can record data, that information should be noted in the product description. If you have questions, please call us at 1-888-494-4647.
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