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What is DeVilbiss SmartCode and SmartLink?

What is DeVilbiss SmartCode?

SmartCode is an effective and efficient way to track adherence (or compliance) data. The SmartCode feature is available in various forms on all DeVilbiss CPAP machines and is completely free of additional costs or fees.

How does it work?

DeVilbiss SmartCode Display

SmartCode uses a proprietary encryption method that allows therapy and usage data to be generated and compressed into onboard codes. Much like a barcode, each character generated in the SmartCode represents a data set. When the SmartCode generated by the IntelliPAP is entered into the online report generator, the series of characters is deciphered into usable data.

SmartCode provides summary data for predefined time frames, each representing a “rolling window” of time.

There are two SmartCodes generated by the IntelliPAP Standard:

  • SmartCode: (One report for 1, 7, 30, and 90 days and Adherence Score). Each time frame reports the following parameters: Percent of days with at least 4 or 5 hours, Day count, Days with at least 4 or 5 hours of usage, Average hours of breathing per day.
  • SmartCode Usage: Provides cumulative data since the start of therapy. Parameters include: Total hours while breathing (up to 4 years), Total days of use (up to 3 years)

There are five SmartCodes generated by the IntelliPAP AutoAdjust and BiLevel S:

  • 1-Day SmartCode: Provides data for the day of usage
  • 7-Day SmartCode: Provides a summary of the last 7 days of usage
  • 30-Day SmartCode: Provides a summary of the last 30 days of usage
  • 90-Day SmartCode: Provides a summary of the last 90 days of usage plus Adherence Score (for Medicare Compliance)
  • SmartCode Usage: Provides cumulative data since start of therapy – Total days of use up to 3 years and total while breathing hours up to 4 years.

Take SmartCode for a Testdrive!

DeVilbiss SmartCode Website

Visit and enter one or more of the following codes to view sample reports:

IntelliPAP Standard Codes
  • SmartCode: 16T-TCW5-2FK
  • SmartCode Usage: ZDN-79FK-KFN
IntelliPAP AutoAdjust Codes
  • 1-Day: F6CD-37F-357R
  • 7-Day: 3CCC-377D-7J7X
  • 30-Day: DWY4-3DB7-DJ7L
  • 90-Day: 752TT-47DB-7DT7C
  • SmartCode Usage: ZDN-79FK-KEZ
IntelliPAP Bilevel S Sample Codes
  • 1-Day: 46VV-37F-3AEH
  • 7-Day: ACCV-V77D-76EJ
  • 30-Day: 5WYV-VDB7-D6EQ
  • 90-Day: H52TT-VVDB-7DREL
  • SmartCode Usage: ZDN-79FK-KEZ

What is DeVilbiss SmartLink?

SmartLink is an add-on module for your IntelliPAP machine that enables recording of data to a an external data card. That data card can then be used on a PC with the SmartLink Software to generate reports and data.

Advantages of SmartLink:

  • Allows machine settings to be modified
  • Software contains many more options than the online report generator
  • User-defined study durations
  • Available to all IntelliPAPs
  • Can record up to 3 years of usage data and up to 72 hours of oximetry data/li>
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